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Mellissa Spence

* Spiritual Life Purpose Coach, Counsellor and Mentor

* Spiritual Awareness Class Teacher at Morecambe Christian Spiritualist Church

* Tarot Card Reader of Quintessence

* Co-Company Director of Spence'sSENSES

* Co-Owner of Spence'sSENSES Crystal Emporium

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I have been at the lowest of lows and have experienced the pain and suffering of trauma that felt as though my soul was being ripped apart. I've longed to end my own life because the pain felt too much to bear. 

Having died many, many deaths - I have always managed to rise up again much stronger and wiser than before. And the most staggering thing to me now looking back is that I did all this blindly, having no choice but to trust myself and the power I was harbouring in my own shadows. 


I always wondered why nobody had the answers, the key to releasing me from my personal hell. It infuriated me that it was always up to me and me alone to make it through the harsh lessons I was being presented with. And then it finally dawned on me - I was being sent these trials as I was powerful enough to not only withstand them but to alchemise the darkness into light. 


But more than this, I came to find that it was my purpose in this life to show others how to do the same. 


Never do I want another soul to have to face alone the darkness that life can bring. I want to be a pillar of support, a voice of knowledge and a way-shower. I feel extremely passionate about this role I have found myself in and know without a doubt that I can implement great changes for those who are in need of it. 


I am living proof that you absolutely can come back from the lowest of lows and not only survive, but THRIVE. And I am so confident of this due to my own profoundly transformative experiences that I am making it my mission in life to show others how to master this metamorphosing process themselves and to find the light within themselves to live their true purpose with passion and confidence. 

Training and Certifications

I have dedicated my soul entirely to spirituality and fully intend to study as many topics as I possibly can within this field; as well as branch out into more psychological subjects too. Knowledge and continual learning is paramount for growth and development - not only as a human being, but as a spirit incarnated on earth also. For me, this is a lifetime dedication and will assuredly continue to grow and evolve for as long as l live and breathe. 


Below are the certifications I have received so far, which will be updated as and when this 


  • Life Purpose Coach Diploma

  • Spirituality Coach

  • Spiritual Counselling Skills Diploma

  • Shadow Mastery Diploma

  • Mindfulness Diploma

  • Crystal Healing

  • Tarot Card Reading

  • Advanced Tarot Diploma

  • Astrology Diploma

  • Soul Retrieval Diploma

  • Wicca for the Modern Age 

  • Healing Your Life with Crystals Diploma

  • Mindfulness for Children 

  • Psychic Development 

  • Mediumship Diploma

  • Palmistry Diploma

  • Introduction to Tasseography Diploma 

Contact Me

Invest in YOU and get in touch today so we can get you on the path of your Higher purpose. 


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