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Below I have listed 10 steps to harnessing the power of the new moon to help you shed away old layers that are no longer of benefit to you. You can follow these tips during every new moon- and can also feel the benefits of this cleansing time 3 days prior as well as 3 days following. 


I won't waste much time blathering on- let's get right to what you came here to read...


So what can you do to clear away the old and

welcome in the new? 

1. Have a bath . . .

Bath Salts

...or a shower! Probably not the first thing you would expect me to say- but arguably the most beneficial step! Water is incredibly cleansing, so while you are washing yourself, imagine the water rinsing away any negativity. Your auric body will thank you for it!

Better yet- throw some salt in a bath or foot spa. The movies aren't lying when they say salt repels and clears away any unwanted entity- it will transmute anything that isn't of pure energy!

2. Cleanse your home . . .

Image by Marcos Paulo Prado

Break up any dank energies that may have materialised in your home. Smudge your home with sage, palo santo- or even sandalwood. Work the smoke around the house, paying particular attention to the corners and in back of cupboards where these energies tend to gravitate towards. Whilst doing this, picture a pure bright white light carpeting every inch of your house and obliterating anything that isn't of pure love and light.  Opening windows and/or doors is essential during this process to allow all stagnant energy to leave your home.

3. Create a sacred space . . .


Find somewhere in your home where you feel at your most comfortable- but where you (hopefully) won't be disturbed. Light some candles and incense, play some soft, relaxing music and gather your favourite crystals- such as citrine, moonstone, smoky quartz and labrodorite.

Rose quartz is my personal favourite to fully feel this fresh, new vibe that is beckoning. It has a gentle energy that will enhance feelings of love and self-worth. 

4. Meditation . . .


Once you feel your surroundings have the potential to bring you a state of bliss, it's time to meditate. What style you should do is entirely up to yourself- if I've learnt anything during group meditations, it's that people's tastes are as varied as their choice of music! So go with whatever you feel drawn to on this one; your intuition is your best guide. There are an abundance of meditations widely available online on YouTube, Spotify, etc. I am a big fan of The Honest Guys- if you haven't tried one of their guided meditations yet, I highly recommend them. Yoga post or prior to this would compliment the experience beautifully.

5. Empty yourself . . .

yin yan moon and sun

Your main goal here is letting go and surrendering to the new that is waiting to enter your life. Acknowledge both your light and your darkness- or what I tend to refer to as my 'shadow self'. One cannot simply exist without the other; but it's important to remember that both serve their purpose; and if mindfully balanced can help you feel whole. To find peace with your darkness, you need to take one simple step- acknowledge it. Once you've done that, the game changes.

You could write a list of all the behaviours, habits and experiences you wish to put behind you, and by putting pen to paper, you are literally increasing the intensity of this regeneration process. Face your inner demons and let them know whose in charge here!

6. Set intentions . . .

Cute Notebooks

Now you have got that off your chest, it's time for the fun part! Write down your dreams and intentions in a way that suggests they are already yours. For example...


*I am free of anything that is holding me back.

*My home is filled with love and light.

*Abundance and prosperity flow naturally to me.

*My soul makes room for new vibrations to enter my life. 


Be specific. Better yet, read these aloud and send the positive vibrations out into the universe! (Under the stars is perfect.)

7. Plant seeds . . .


What do you want to see grow? Your business? Your well-being? Your finances? Think seriously about which areas of your life you wish to see flourish.

To fully see the development of this step, plant a seed- even if it's a pip from your apple! This can be a visual representation of your intentions, and a daily reminder to take steps to enable this growth and progression. 

8. Set your crystals outside . . .

Image by Dan Farrell

This will not only cleanse them, but will allow them to soak up the new energies that the new moon is bringing. You then get to harness that energy whenever you work with them! You can sit them on your windowsill, or outside on the ground (providing they are crystals that aren't effected by water should it rain!)

9. Gratitude . . .

Image by Brigitte Tohm

It's time to thank God, the Universe... whoever or whatever you believe is the Higher force of all creation. It's important you feel this gratitude within your heart and soul. Say thanks with every fibre of your being!

If you haven't already, now would be a fantastic time to start a gratitude journal. By demonstrating your gratitude with a truly thankful heart, you are creating more room for good to enter your life.

10. Start a new projecT . . .

Image by Fallon Michael

Is there something you have been drawn to but not got round to starting- or un/intentionally keep putting off? The phase of the new moon is the optimal time to set the wheels in motion! Start writing that book, begin a new exercise regime, get the paints out and let your inner child explore, start redesigning a room in your house, start a healthier way of eating... you get the idea! The important thing is you just begin...

now Relax . . .

You've done the work- now sit back and feel damn proud of yourself for doing something that supports your emotional and spiritual well-being.

You will get out exactly as much as you put in with your new moon rituals; so if you manage to follow all 10 points, a huge WELL DONE! Perhaps you won't feel the benefit of your hard work immediately, but I can PROMISE you it will put you on your correct path and you will look back and thank yourself for embarking on a new chapter during May's new moon.


We would love to hear from you- please do get in touch and let us know if this helped you!


Love & Light,

Mellissa xXx

Mellissa Spence

*If you need help with any of the steps listed above, please reach out to us at Spence'sSenses where we will be more than happy to help guide you with this process. 

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