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My Grandad

Where do I start? There is so much to say

How do I live without seeing your face?

You were my Grandad, my hero, my friend

I’m so proud of your strength- the way you fought ‘til the end


You’re a well loved man, a legend of all time

No man could replace you; you’re front of the line

Heaven is so lucky to have someone like you

I’ll love you more each day until the time is through


I look up to the sky and picture you there

Hoping you can see my face and how much I care

I know you are there shining your love down on me

You’re part of the sun-strong, glowing and free


Please never forget me, you’re always in my heart

This way I know we can never be apart

I could never explain how much you mean to me

Your strength shown me someone I wanted to be


You are now in peace and out of all of your pain

But still I cry as I’m never to see you again

It feels as though I have a hole in my heart

It gets bigger each day since my world fell apart


Although I’m sad you’re gone, it’s selfish to want you to stay

As the pain was harder seeing you suffer more each day

But that doesn’t stop me missing you so

And knowing my heart will never let you go


I love you so much it makes my heart ache

I will try to be strong- just for your sake

So rest in peace Grandad, and God bless your heart too

As he blessed my life when he gave me a Grandad like you

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