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On Our First Wedding Anniversary

Words don’t come easy 
When there's so much to say 
It's like my heart is an ocean 
But all I show is the bay 
I had searched for a lifetime 
For a love so deep and true 
I was then gifted with perfection, 
And that perfection was you


In a world full of darkness
Stained with fear and despair
You are a shining bright light, 
A soul so amazingly rare 
Every fibre of me is yours
Until the time is through
It's a small price to pay 
For having someone like you


You are my happily ever after 
A true blessing from above 
You have brought me alive 
With your everlasting love 
Take a look through my eyes 
And observe the wonder I see
I love you for everything you are 
And for all you are yet to be

Mr & Mrs Spence Sign
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