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A Guide To Full Moon Rituals

pink moon with writing on

If you are looking for ways to harness the energy of the full moon and power up during her most potent phase, then you have come to the right place, my friend!

Here, we have some of the very best rituals to immerse yourself in during this monthly celestial event.

Please note that whilst the suggestions below can be followed in chronological order, it is absolutely not an all-or-nothing list; you can choose whichever tickles your fancy - whether that be one activity, or all ten!

It's also worth remembering that you can tap into any one of these rituals and still feel the full benefit of them for up to three days prior as well as 3 days following its peak. 

Right, so let's get right to what you came here to read, shall we?

Have a bath

bath with flowers in

...or a shower...or even a foot spa! Water is incredibly cleansing; so whilst washing yourself, mindfully and intentionally imagine the water cleaning and clearing away any negativity that your aura may have picked up throughout the day. Better yet - throw some salt and (water-safe) crystals into the mix. Your auric body will certainly thank you for it!

Cleanse your home

smoke with a pink background

Break up any dank energies that may have materialised by smudging your home with things such as sage, palo santo, dragon's blood and sandalwood. Work the smoke around the house, paying particular attention to the corners and in the back of cupboards where these energies tend to gravitate towards. Whilst doing this, picture a pure bright white light carpeting every inch of your house and obliterating anything that isn't of pure love and light. Opening windows and/or doors is essential during this process to allow all stagnant energy to leave your home.

Create a sacred space

rose quartz in a bowl

The setting you create for yourself can be as minimalistic or as extravagant as you like! The main aim of the game here is to ultimately be at one with your soul. Visually igniting your senses and having a space that makes you feel fully relaxed and calm is going to really contribute to this experience. Find somewhere in your home where you feel at your most comfortable - and where you are least likely to be disturbed, and have a play around with what feels good and right for you. Maybe light up some candles, pick your favourite incense, play soft, relaxing music, gather a few of your favourite crystals and fully relax in your little haven.

Call in Spirit

pink heart with feathers surrounding it

A full moon really heightens your intuition making it the ideal time to work with the Higher Realms. This could be in the form of your Spirit Guides, Angels, Goddesses, Ancestors - and everything in between! Spirit are only ever just a thought away - and are ready and waiting to connect with you the very moment you feel called to bridge the gap. So call them in! Ask for their energy to be present with you as you carry out some of your other rituals (particularly the next two suggestions) and to give you signs of their presence.


woman in pink meditating

When your surroundings have the potential to bring you a state of bliss, and you are nice and relaxed, it's time to meditate. What style of meditation you should go for is entirely up to you. If I've learnt anything through group meditations, it's that people's tastes are as varied as their choice of music is! So go with whatever you feel drawn to on this one - your intuition is your best guide. There is an abundance of meditations widely available online on YouTube, Spotify, etc. I am a big fan of The Honest Guys- if you haven't tried one of their guided meditations yet, I highly recommend them.

(Yoga poses before this would complement the experience beautifully too.)

Get out your cards

tarot cards

Whether that be tarot, oracle - or even another divination tool entirely! Energies are high during this time which makes it the perfect opportunity to tap into your intuition and connect with the Higher Realms. Have a look online for some different card spreads to try that would really complement what you are trying to achieve, i.e. identifying an outdated behaviour or thought pattern that needs to be released. And to make the very best out of this activity, don't forget to record your impressions of the cards that have come out by following up with the next suggestion...


pink diary with pen

Journalling is a fantastic tool to help you let go so that you can surrender to the new that is waiting to enter your life. A full moon is the optimal time to acknowledge both your light and your darkness - or what is referred to as the 'shadow self'. One way of doing this is by acknowledging and delving into all the behaviours, habits and experiences you wish to put behind you; and as the full moon is all about release, this is the perfect time to do it too! By putting pen to paper, you are literally increasing the intensity of this regeneration process too. 

Make moon water

jugs with water in them

Moon water can be used for many purposes; such as infusing your bath water with some added oomph to adding some extra magic to your paintbrushes! And making your own can be as simple as leaving a clear glass of water out under the full moon. But if you feel so inclined, go wild! You are the magician here and this is an extension of your magic. I personally like to add in a touch of salt for purification as well as a piece of Clear Quartz to amplify the energy of the water. But you can also include flowers, herbs, essential oils, any other water-friendly crystals... anything you feel called to! Undoubtedly the most important step here though is to set the tone; before placing the water outside (or on your windowsill), pray over it and set a clear and powerful intention. Leave it overnight and then bring it in to bottle that baby up!

Charge your crystals

rose quarts crystals

I genuinely do not believe there is a more powerful way to cleanse and charge up your crystals than through the energies of a full moon. The incredible effects the moonlight provides are second to none and aren't just limited to your crystals either. Any creative tool you possess is going to hugely benefit from a moon bath! Such as your tarot cards, artistic items, divination tools - whatever it is you work with creatively. These can all be placed on your windowsill, or outside on the ground (providing they aren't affected by water should it rain!) The effects of doing this can then be strongly felt and harnessed whenever you work with them thereafter.

Connect with the moon

woman in the water with the pink moon in the distance

If you only do one thing on this list, please let it be this! Our moon is a silent yet ever-present force that holds such majesty and grace over our planet - and even just taking a mere couple of minutes for moongazing can do wonders for your mind, heart and soul. Talking can really amp up this experience too - and whether you speak aloud or do it in your head, it is just as effective. Tell the moon your hopes, worries, dreams and wishes - not just because this is an extremely powerful thing to do (and it is) but because in that moment you can lose track of the hustle and bustle of everyday life and connect with a force much more vast and magical than our minds could possibly comprehend.

now r e l a x . . .

Now the work is done it is time to sit back and revel in the efforts you have made! You've done something that supports your emotional and spiritual well-being in a really profound way; and for that, you deserve to feel damn proud of yourself!

You are indeed going to get out of these full moon rituals exactly as much as you put in. And perhaps you won't feel the benefit of your hard work immediately, but I can PROMISE you that by engaging in activities such as these you are doing yourself a huge favour!

Have any of these suggestions stirred something inside of you? We would love to hear from you, so please do get in touch and share your thoughts and/or experiences!

pink moon in the sky

As always, if you need help with any of the steps listed above, please reach out to us and we will be more than happy to help guide you with this process. 


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