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Reiki Reflections

Reiki Reflections with multi coloured background

I already kinda knew what to expect when it came to a Reiki session; after all, this wasn't my first rodeo with Stacey - nor will it be my last! But as it must have been at least a year since my previous session, I was eager to see what would unfold this time around.

A couple of days before I was due to go in, Stacey set me a little bit of 'homework' so that I could properly prepare. She asked me to think about what I wanted to gain from the session and to craft a little affirmation that would set my intention - as well as encouraging me to bring along any crystals I felt called to. (Green Moonstone and Smokey Quartz were my crystals of choice!)

massage bed with chakra laid out

I was very interested to learn that Stacey had recently felt called to work with cacao, and as I hadn't heard of this before, I eagerly asked her to tell me more!

She divulged how it is grown specifically for ceremonial purposes and is jam-packed with nutrients. For centuries now it has been used for spiritual purposes due to its powerful ability to help an individual reach a deeper meditation. Along with its potent spiritual energy, it provides a bridge that helps us to connect with our inner selves, and with the Universe as a whole.

She has recently been creating a Reiki package where people would have the cacao first in the hope of achieving better results and asked if I would be her guinea pig.


However, Stacey warned me that it was not the most pleasant of flavours; it is known to be very bitter-tasting and really thick in consistency. She did suggest that she could make it taste better by adding things but made me aware that it was recommended to have it in its purest form for best results. So that I did!

two cups of cacao

I gotta say, I was a tad apprehensive about how it would taste, look, smell... I expected to see something that resembled swamp waters if I am brutally honest! So its rather pleasant aroma came as a very pleasant surprise, as well as the fact that the taste wasn't quite as bad as I had anticipated either!

Stacey asked me to mindfully think about my intentions as I held the cacao close to my chest. The warmth of it seemed to permeate through to my heart centre as I asked (in my mind) for a better connection to my Divine Self and the Spirit world - something I feel I have been sadly lacking very much so for a while now. Stacey went on to speak aloud her meditation as I lay back and drank in her words. I closed my eyes and sank into the process as she continued to work her magic.

Wow, I hadn't realised just how much I needed this sacred time until that very moment!

I can't tell you exactly what she did, or how she did it, but what I can tell you is my experience of what occurred thereafter...

massage bed win very relaxing setting

The first thing that I began to see in my mind's eye was the very top of my head - it looked to be heavily concreted, forming a dome of spiritual disconnect and an unmistakable blockage. Instantly, I recognised this was representative of the walls I had been putting up - particularly when it came to my connection with Spirit. After this, I felt a tonne of pressure around the temples of my head, and to hazard a guess, I would say that this was Stacey working around this area.

For almost the entirety of the session, I could see green orbs in my mind's eye; circling, coming together, splitting apart, and moving gracefully in every direction imaginable - sometimes out of 'sight' too as they travelled to other parts of my body.

I did wonder at one point if I were able to manipulate their shape or movement, but that was most definitely not the case!

On the odd occasion, they did start to change to a really deep indigo colour, and they very almost went yellow at some points also. There was even a very light blue egg-yolk-looking spiritual residue that formed in my vision at one point too. But predominantly, the energy was a very vibrant green colour - which I always associate with healing as well as a particular Spirit Guide of mine.

green lasers background

As I continued to lay there watching these vibrant green orbs dance around, I was taken aback when a pure white ball of light came into my vision from the left-hand side. Straight after this Stacey sounded an instrument that I later learnt to be a tuning fork with a 512 healing frequency. (It amazes me how powerful sound healing actually is.)

I then felt as though I was experiencing a rebirth, and the only way I can describe it is seeing through the eyes of an infant who has just entered the world, squinting against the light and the unfamiliar surroundings.

After this point, I very randomly saw a stag coming across a field, stopping to look at me. I was reminded of 'The Spirit Animal Oracle' cards I have by Colette Baron-Reid, and how a stag graces the cover of these. I knew that this was to be the energy I needed to be working with in the coming weeks.

(I was a little taken aback when I looked at this specific card in the deck later that day and discovered its key message was to 'Take the lead.' Interesting...)

deer with antlers

I had been particularly drawn to the antlers coming from the stag's head in my vision and knew that this was something I would need to investigate further.

The antlers on a stag are very much like a sacred crown; growing beyond the body and bringing it closer to the heavens.

Hmm, intriguing! It seems quite apparent that this spirit animal is going to serve as a prominent part of my journey going forward...

After this, I saw a very large, grey fluffy feather. Despite doing a little research on this, I can't place what bird it would be coming from specifically - but one thing I did notice was how it was quite dusty and even grubby looking, as though it had really been through the rounds. Grey feathers in general are associated with the onset of more peaceful times, and a deeper knowledge that has been acquired through life's toughest lessons.

There was no one more surprised than me when my visions started to shift to that of a past life! Although they were only very brief, I saw myself being gassed to death and flashes of old, cobblestoned streets. It was so vivid I had to ask Stacey when the session was over if Past Life Regression was a direction she was heading in as this kinda thing very rarely comes up for me!

Probably the most prominent part of the energy healing for me though was when Stacey was working around my solar plexus area and I felt it vibrating out of control, to the point the energy pulsated chaotically and felt spikey - for want of a better word! It was an unmistakable feeling that took me by surprise and I instantly knew that this was indeed serving as a problem area - Stacey confirmed my thoughts of this right off the bat once she had finished.

relaxing reiki room

"Ok, so there was definitely the feeling of lack of confidence," Stacey informed me afterwards. "It’s almost as if you had it but something has knocked it out of you. You definitely don’t see how special you are, I think you hear that you are special from a lot of people, but you never truly believe it about yourself and you need to!"

This is admittedly very true - my confidence has hit an all-time low and no matter how much my loved ones try to tell me otherwise, there's no accepting anything other than negativity about myself.

"There was definitely a feeling of deep sadness like you are in a sinking sand of sadness and fighting to get out of it."

And we have yet another bullseye people!

I was all too aware that I had been sinking under the weight of my sadness, fears, insecurities, negative thought patterns and behaviours... But there is nothing quite like hearing this from someone within a sacred setting with Higher intentions to make you realise the extent of your situation and to help you see that enough is enough.

She spoke about how I was putting others first too often, which contributed to my sadness as I was not creating enough time or space to concentrate on the things that brought me happiness. I was advised to do the things that brought me the most joy instead, and that which I get the most satisfaction out of - not the things that I feel most comfortable and confident doing.

Dammit! I love that toxic relationship with my comfort zone!!

Stacey also told me that she had got the feeling that I should be practising more mediumship and that I was scared of it, but that it was important in my journey.

My relationship with the Higher Realms is most definitely a complicated one; it's something that started off gaining much momentum in the beginning - until the darkness of my past crept up on me and the doors came slamming down and have remained pretty much shut as a result since.

"Overall, it was the feeling that something has knocked your confidence and caused you to retreat into yourself but whatever it was wasn’t a bad thing that happened. It was meant to happen and you should continue doing what you’re doing. You’re truly special and what you’re doing is truly special."

One of the more intriguing visions she had when working around my solar plexus was a large shadowy figure that had no definition to it. She said it had felt like masculine energy and that there was a fire blazing around it. Then in front of the figure coming out of the fire was the shape of a wolf that was keeping the shadowy figure at bay. She got the feeling that the fiery wolf formation represented my passions and was what ultimately kept the sadness and darkness at bay.

There is no doubt about it - this shadowy figure represents the perpetrator of my childhood trauma. This disgusting, vile person stripped me of my confidence from an age when I should have been learning how to build on it. He's been an echo in the back of my mind nearly all my life and his memory continues to be the devil on my shoulder; causing me to self-sabotage, abuse myself by compulsively overeating and shelve the very best parts of who I am out of fear and shame.

It is so easy to push these kinds of thoughts and feelings down when you are left to your own devices, but when someone brings them to your attention... well, that's when you have to sit up and listen, isn't it?

After we chatted about what had come up, I was presented with Stacey's brand-new '7 Day Chakra Reset' guide and a bag of Chakra Reset Teas that have you covered for each of the chakras too.

car package for resetting chakras

Seriously, what more can you ask for?!

Her kindness and hospitality even continued when I came out of the treatment room to be handed one of her specially blended 'Black Forest EDEN Infusions' to help ground me thereafter. It was exactly what I needed to bring me back to earth again!

Stacey had picked up on so much to a rather bewildering accuracy that it was slightly staggering and quite a lot to take in. I hoped it hadn't been too obvious, but I walked around town afterwards feeling a little wide-eyed and mystified. (Thank goodness for the grounding tea!)

I know without a shadow of a doubt that if I hadn't gone for this session, I would still be like a sitting duck with my head in the sand, ignoring all the vital signs I have been getting to practise more self-care and finally work on my confidence.

Because I had a safe space to be open, vulnerable, and truly seen by another spiritual soul, it, in turn, allowed me to recieve some much-required healing and gain the courage to turn things around.

reiki room

I wasted no time taking right to my journal the following morning to let my soul speak.

How was I really feeling? What did I need? How could I regain my confidence?

I went on to answer the prompts that Stacey had offered in relation to the solar plexus chakra within her guidebook; which led me down the road of crafting a self-care plan to follow going forward. I believe is exactly what is needed now to build myself back up again.

I am so grateful for this treatment and everything Stacey has offered me through it - even checking in with me after our session and encouraging me to rest so that I can fully process what came up.

This girl seriously has your very best interests at heart and that really shines through her and her work. The energy I felt from her throughout the session is the same I feel from the crystal Morganite - sweet, gentle but a powerhouse in its effectiveness to heal.

If you are feeling a little lost yourself, or simply in need of a scared time-out in the style of a top-quality spiritual treatment, then please look no further than Stacey. You will not regret it!

Reiki Master, Stacey

As well as a Reiki Master, Stacey also provides a wide range of beauty treatments in her salon on Victoria Street in Morecambe. Going forward, she plans to undergo her final level to become a Reiki Master Teacher.

"It’s always been about being part of the process to help women feel happier and more confident in themselves and less about the actual treatment that they’re having."

Find her on Facebook ~ EDEN Beauty & Wellbeing


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