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Black Hair Rutilated Quartz Palmstone

Black Hair Rutilated Quartz Palmstone

PriceFrom £6.75

Black Rutilated Quartz is a distinct variety of standard Quartz. Not only does it have a dark and smoky colour, but the inclusions of Rutile give the crystal an out-of-this-world look.

Rutile is a form of titanium dioxide. It occurs in needle-like crystals. Most rutile inclusions are gold or copper-coloured. But in Black Rutilated Quartz, they’re pure black and stand out nicely against the transparent Quartz.


A - size: 85mm, A - weight: 190g

B - size: 70mm, B - weight: 165g

C - size: 70mm, C - weight: 150g

D - size: 65mm, D - weight: 150g

E - size: 50mm, E - weight: 140g

F - size: 50mm, F - weight: 100g

G - size: 55mm, G - weight: 95g

G1 - size: 55mm, G1 - weight: 95g

H - size: 60mm, H - weight: 90g

I - size: 50mm, I - weight: 85g

J - size: 50mm, J - weight: 80g

K - size: 45mm, K - weight: 75g

K1 - size: 50mm, K1 - weight: 75g

K2 - size: 50mm, K2 - weight: 75g

L - size: 45mm, L - weight: 70g


You will receive the crystal displayed in the picture.

Stones are sold individually


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