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Caribbean Calcite Palmstone

Caribbean Calcite Palmstone

PriceFrom £10.80

Caribbean Calcite delivers profound soothing healing energies that work on calming one’s soul, providing inner clarity, and raising consciousness to navigate life with ease, peace of mind, and tranquillity. It frees the mind from the toxic and negative blockages to allow you to live your life with passion, harmony, and inner joy. 


A - size: 55mm, A - weight: 115g

B- size: 50mm, B - weight: 105g

B1 - size: 50mm, B1 - weight: 105g

C - size: 50mm, C - weight: 100g

D - size: 50mm, D - weight: 70g

D1 - size: 50mm, D1 - weight: 70g


You will receive the crystal displayed in the picture.

Crystals are sold individually

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