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Rainbow Moonstone Point

Rainbow Moonstone Point

PriceFrom £7.50

This beautiful Rainbow Moonstone Healing Crystal has the pale appearance of the Moon, with iridescent flashes of light occasionally on the surface of the stone. Moonstone is a stone of inner growth and strength and is quite often carried or worn for somebody who is seeking a new beginning.


A - size 65mm, A - weight 70g

B1 - size 65mm, B1 - weight 65g

B2 - size 70mm, B2 - weight 65g

B3 - size 70mm. B3 - weight 65g

B4 - size 60mm, B4 - weight 65g

B5 - size 70mm, B5 - weight 65g

B6 - size 70mm, B6 - weight 65g

C - size 70mm, C - weight 55g

C1 - size 65mm, C1 - weight 55g

C2 - size 70mm, C2 - weight 55g

C3 - size 70mm, C3 - weight 55g

D - size 55mm, D - weight 50g

D1 - size 65mm, D1 - weight 50g

D2 - size 65mm, D2 - weight 50g


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