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What is Tarot?
Tarot is an age-old technique where a deck of 78 cards is used to connect with the Higher Self and provide the insights needed to ensure a person is heading in the right direction in life. They have been used for hundreds of years and are becoming increasingly popular in more modern times.

Can Tarot predict the future?
I don't believe in 'fortune telling'- I strongly feel that each of us is completely in charge of our own destiny and that our every decision, action and more than anything our intention is what dictates our lives. So when it comes to tarot, I see it predominately as a tool of guidance on the steps we take and continue to take going forward. We are our own masters of our fate, and while tarot can show you where your current path could potentially lead you, it is certainly not set in stone. 

Why should I get a Tarot Reading?
The main goal of the sessions I provide is to help people achieve deep healing and personal growth through the aid of tarot. The aim is to highlight the areas of people's lives that are flourishing, and which areas could benefit from a little more love and attention. My wish is to empower and motivate my clients to move forward with confidence and courage on the path that is in alignment with their Highest Good.

What if I get a bad card?
My best advice would be to forget all assumptions when it comes to Tarot. While some cards can appear a little jarring at first glance, there is no such thing as a 'bad card'. All of the cards serve an important purpose to help you to achieve deep fulfilment in life. 'Death' is a prime example of a card that elicits fear, however, this is my favourite card out of the deck! It represents transformation and rebirth; shedding what you have outgrown to step into a fresh new way of life.

What if my future looks negative?
The card you get in your future position will never be a permanent fixture- it just foretells what will come from a situation if nothing changes and you continue down the same path you are heading on presently. 
Tarot cards reflect our current life choices and frame of mind, and it is important to remember that should you alter something as simple as a point of view or behaviour pattern, the whole trajectory of your future will amend to demonstrate this. Any 'Future' card is as exactly as interchangeable as our own mindset- your fate is quite literally in your own hands.


H O W T O P R E P A R E ...
Tarot works best with an open-ended question that you can gain a more elaborate answer to. For example, rather than asking if you will get the job, it would be most beneficial to ask what steps you can take to get the job you desire.



O N L I N E R E A D I N G S ...
My go-to reading is generally a Celtic Cross Spread which requires ten cards. It covers the past, the present and the future, as well as other important factors at play.
I then send you a picture of your spread and give you some insight into what they mean and what they could represent to you personally, which we will then delve deeper into. 

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