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To My Dear Nanna

There’s so much I still had to say, many memories yet to share

But now all I have are these last words to show how much I care

I wish I could still talk to you, just like I used to do

You’ve always been right there for me, with loyalty so true


Your kindness was perpetual; your heart made of solid gold

And your character, wit and strength never did grow old

Your memory shall not fade, of that I will make sure

Nor will my respect for you, and a love that is so pure


I’ll miss you more than words can say; you’re a treasured part of me

But I know you have no pain or hurt, from that you are now free

Through all this, I know I’m blessed to have had you all this time

Your spirit shall live on, and your love and light still shine


Without warning you had to leave us, another angel sent above

You may not have us there with you but you’ll forever have our love

It hurts to think you’re gone now, that we shall now remain apart

But you’ll always be right here with me; you’re safe here in my heart

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